Quest of Vidhuraa
Based in Madurai, India

Founding date:
June 2017


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216, Valamburi Stores, East Veli Street
Madurai, TamilNadu



Quest of Vidhuraa is a 2D Hard Platformer game. Run - Jump - Die - Repeat Run and Escape game Three unique arenas Variety of obstacles that can stop you. Classic arcade style graphics Cool animation and effects XBox 360 Controller support



Once upon a time, there lived a king who is Beasty and Powerful. Many years after marriage, a son born to him. He named him "Vajraa". He was so happy about it. But court astrologers predicted that Vajraa will not rule the kingdom and pointed their fingers toward south direction. And the astrologers said that a son born to poor couple Moksha and Mokshini who lives in a remote village called "Kodupatti", will rule this land. King became furious and ordered the Soldiers to arrest those couple and kill all their children. Somehow this news got leaked out and reached the poor couple before the soldiers arrival to Kodupatti. This poor couple had a just born male child called Vidhuraa. So they have asked his GrandFather to raise their son secretly in forest. GrandFather left the place immediately with the just born Vidhuraa. Soldiers arrested the poor couple and put them in Jail. King ordered the soldiers to ensure that poor couple should not be together again. Vidhuraa and his grandfather lived in Forest. His grandfather taught Vidhuraa all combat and military skills. Vidhura s grandfather died due to illness when he was 21 years old. He came to know about his parents after reading his grandfather s personal diary. He took a vow to rescue his parents at any cost from the Jail. Help Vidhuraa to rescue his parents from jail.



20 Sec GamePlay Trailer YouTube

1 Minute GamePlay Trailer [No Music] YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Upcoming Game of the Year Nominee - NGDC 2017" - Hyderabad, 10 November, 2017

Selected Articles

  • "Awesome game! just love it. waiting for the launch"
    - A gamer who played "Quest of Vidhuraa" at Indian Games Expo 2017,
  • "Good game.good arrangement of obstacles."
    - Another gamer who played "Quest of Vidhuraa" at Indian Games Expo 2017,
  • "Nice game, intuitive gameplay. Pissing off though"
    - A developer who played "Quest of Vidhuraa" at Indian Games Expo 2017,

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Xeno Gaming reviewed very early demo of "Quest of Vidhuraa" xeno-gaming.com.

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Team & Repeating Collaborator

Senthil Kumar K
Project Lead / Developer

Sekar Vetrivel
Developer / Artist / Animator

Developer / Animator

Cody Pawlak
Music / SFX

Samantha Foster

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